Today, my mission is to be a healer and serve all with Divine love.  I pursued the best professional training and credentials at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, where I was ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy.  Fellowships gave me training beyond my imagination and the knowledge to move forward with my dreams.   I am one of the  Co Founders of The  Church of Spiritual Oneness and currently serving as President. Have served as Minister in Residence at Lily Dale and lead the Meditation Service each morning at the Healing Temple and have served as Chairperson at there Wednesday Evening Service.  Am I done yet?  No, my next journey is Southwest Institute of Healing Arts as a Intergrated Healing Arts Practicioner Specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy to help me to serve you even on an even higher level and one who cares about the Mind, Body & Soul Health and Growth.

Now as my story grows...

Graduated and aced it with being a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Life Coach, and Integreated Healing Arts Practitioner, also bing the owner of Stoneworks Wellness Center, Inc. This is where I can build a place to help people and have an amazing store all in one. I am co-creating with the Universe and it is an amazing ride.  Stop by the store and say hi and if you would like to, brows around. You will find a friendly staff and knowledgable about the crystals, fossles, specimens, jewlery, and gifts. Also for the holistic healing arts, I am offering workshops, classes, speakers, mediums, and is growing! All to meet your needs and help you grow, heal, find your way, and get back to being the best you can be.  Where is this place? You can find it on fb too!

2807 W. 8th Street, Erie PA  16505. 

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or give us a call at 814.528.1468

I always had a connection with God. When I prayed, I could feel the energy vibrating between us. My prayers for the sick were always blessed, and I have seen miracles happen. Later I discovered energy work and spiritual healing. Then I gravitated to any kind of healing modality I could find, learning and practicing.

"My passion is to help people find their own way back to the Journey they once started out on." 
                                    Rev. Cheri Seelinger 

During my childhood, I played with Native American spirits.  They told me that I was a Medicine Woman.  I thought that was my role in our playtime, and I danced with them around the fire.  But when I shared this with others, I found my experiences were unacceptable to them, and many doors closed.  

Many things happened in my life∼not all good∼but they only enhanced my gifts of sensitivity and feeling what people thought.  I didn't put it together until many years later.  I just knew I was different. I am an Empath. I feel your stuff. Your pain, your emotions.

We are all on our own journey. Each are individual and unique to ourselves. We are all driven to the same goal. That goal it to return to the Source or God of the Universe. No religion, belief system or orginization can make the choices in your life. Only you can. Your choices will bring you closer or take you farther away from that goal. It is completely up to you. There are people who can help you when you are stuck or need guidance to help you along your way, but you have to do what you feel is right for you within your heart and soul. Learn to meditate and find the stillness within yourself. God resides there. You are a part of Him. Be still and listen. There you will find your answers.   Namaste"